Thursday, August 15, 2013

Itty Bitty and mass producing.

Well, I have been trying to mass produce lately.  I don't like mass producing, but if I ever wanted to give card sets away or sell my cards I would have to be faster at making them.  I was also tired of buying craft supplies and hardly using it.  I made a goal to make 50 cards before spending any more money on craft supplies.  I did it! I ended making about 80 cards.  Here is one set of cards I made.

I am entering this card for the Itty Bitty challenge.  I hope it counts.  The only stamping I did was with an Itty Bitty.  I used the "Vintage Handwritten" Itty Bitty on the white frame.  These cards were inpsired my Melissa Philips.  I just love her work!   As you can see, I haven't added sentiments to these cards.  I will probably end up adding sentiments when I am ready to use them.

                                                              Here is the pile of them.

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